December 14, 2011

I’m joyfully and anxiously apartment hunting in Prague in anticipation of the mad-dash for housing that will occur once I arrive there next month.  For the first month, I will be staying in the TEFL school’s accommodations. After that, I’m hoping this baby is still available….

December 8, 2011
The Un-Glamorous Side of Wanderlusting

Moving 6000 lbs of furniture, sportng equipment, art supplies, computer equipment, clothing and an unmentionable amount of knick-knacks from Spokane, Washington to Prague. I am repacking boxes that I only weeks ago UNPACKED from our move 1.5 years ago from Okinawa, Japan. What was that quote about the definition of insanity? 

So what result are we hoping for, you ask?  Seeking happiness in a land that boasts a greener shade of grass? True, there’s always the chance that Prague will be boring, uninspiring, unwelcoming…but I’m betting not. Even my darkest hours traveling alone in India (fearing my safety in the alleyways of Paraganj, celebrating Christmas with strangers while my husband was thousands of miles away) taught me something, and those moments are the most poignant in my memories.

Ah! There’s little time for reflection in these parts—too much to do! I need to finish painting some furniture (seriously), pack up my kitchen, and prepare for this weekend’s trip to Olympia to see some very dear friends. (Whom, had we not taken the leap to move to Okinawa in 2007, WE WOULD NEVER HAVE MET.  Perish the thought.) 

And that, my friends, is the very best side of Wanderlusting.

October 18, 2011

I was stumbling around Vimeo, looking for videos to get me excited about moving to Prague….oh this one certainly did the trick!  It is phenomenal….

October 16, 2011
Moving to Prague, Jan. 2012

Moving to Prague, Jan. 2012

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